Where is The Best Place to Retire

You have saved and planned and are ready to retire. Now comes the big question: Where should I retire? There are so many choices it may seem overwhelming. If there were one perfect spot to match the needs of every retiree, deciding where to settle would be simple. There a few things to look for when deciding where to live in retirement.

What to Look for in a Retirement Spot

t used to be a simple choice, move to a comfortable climate. Now, financial concerns make choosing your ideal spot to retire may outweigh that climate. Cost of living and housing costs are important, especially when choosing your retirement destination. You also may need to consider things like healthcare, what happens if my spouse dies, and what happens when I need assisted care.

Important to seniors is the location of full-service medical facilities, assisted living care and a variety of activities to keep you busy and active.


axes are another deciding factor. Seven states including Florida do not have a state income tax. Sales taxes in many counties are also relatively low and affordable. There are no property taxes on things such as vehicles and boats as there are in other states.


Take a trip and visit those destinations that seem most appealing. Meet with a local realtor to get an idea of what actual home prices are, choose a Senior

Meet with realtors in the area to get a sense of actual home prices, and find someone committed to helping you find the right place. A Senior Real Estate Specialist is specially trained to work with retirees and those that may be purchasing their final home.


Before making any decisions about where you want to live, it helps to do some research. Check out the local Chamber of Commerce, the Cost of Living Calculator provided by the Council for Community and Economic Research.

Volusia County

Volusia County and the Daytona Beach area is a very popular retirement destination. In fact, Daytona Beach is listed by US News as one of the best places in the US to retire. What is better than Daytona Beach? The Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach area. Beautiful beaches, an abundance of activities, restaurants and great healthcare are just a few of the reasons that our area is a fantastic place to retire.

Contact Arnie Traub today to get more information from a Senior Real Estate Specialist. No one knows the area better!