Seniors Real Estate Specialist

house-961401_1280As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®), I am qualified to address the real estate needs of those over the age of 50. I can offer you a unique approach to each real estate transaction. I not only have an extensive knowledge of real estate and the local and economic issues shaping market trends, but I’m also educated on issues of particular concern to those over the age of 50. My special skills help clients looks at the big picture, factoring in financial issues and current and future care needs to ensure that each client arrives at the best decision when anticipating selling a property or finding a new home.

Reviewing Your Current Situation
Has your family home become too burdensome to maintain, physically and financially?

  • Your next step – a complex set of DECISIONS:
  1. Ideal Property Types
  2. Housing Locations
  3. Finances
  4. Anticipating future needs as you and your loved ones age.
  • As as SRES® designee I will:
  1. Consult with you to review your existing housing situation.
  2. Outline topics to weigh as you consider your next move.
  3. Help you every step of the way while you’re exploring your options.

Buying – Assessing Your Needs & Options

Having Mixed Emotions?

  1. Buying a residence can be both exciting and daunting:
  2. Exciting to anticipate new beginnings in a fresh environment.
  3. Daunting because:

a. There are so many types of Senior Residences
b. Limited resources
c. Emotional hurdles to overcome

  • As an SRES® designee I can:
  1. Discuss your needs with you
  2. Outline options and help you to determine what is best for you
  3. Work within your parameters to:

a. Locate a property that fits your needs
b. Network to find properties
c. Determine appropriate offers
e. Help find the senior citizen residence that’s right for you or your loved one.
d. Negotiate purchases on your behalf or;

Selling – Options & Strategies

Do you feel emotional about selling your home?

  • I specialize in “Seniors Needs” and can ease the transition by:
  1. Talking about your reasons for selling
  2. Exploring all the options:

a. Modifying and staying in your current home
b. Finding a different property
c. Helping you find the BEST housing solution

  • As an SRES® designee I can:
  1. Provide an honest assessment of your property
  2. Make suggestions to improve it for “saleability”
  3. Help with Pricing and Marketing Strategies
  4. Provide insight on current market conditions
  5. Determine how your property compares to the competition
  6. Develop a plan to sell you home quickly and for the highest possible price
  7. Help find your new home locally or;
  8. Refer you to designees elsewhere to find property in a new city or near your children and family.

Options, Solutions and Results!

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Arnie Traub

Broker Associate

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