How Much Home Can You Afford in New Smyrna Beach

Let me guess…you came down to New Smyrna Beach for a vacation and fell in love with this charming, little seaside gem? Now you are wondering how much real estate goes for in New Smyrna Beach.

From sporty cars, to fancy clothes and even houses, it’s all about what we can afford. In New Smyrna Beach, median homes prices are an average of about $223 a square foot. According to Zillow, the median home value is $281,100 – a 9.6% jump over last year, with a forecast of a 4% rise next year. Of course it depends if you are looking at a condo overlooking the ocean on Beachside or you want a home directly on the Intracoastal Waterway with its own private dock.

A bunch of other things also affect how much home you can afford. One of them is interest rates. When the rates are low, you can either save money or afford a more expensive property. Your mortgage payment is also affected by how many years you choose to pay. For instance, if you take a 15-year mortgage, your interest rate may be lower, but your mortgage rate will be higher than if you chose to pay off your home in 30 years. Another is taxes. Not sure where you are from, but coming from New Jersey, we found taxes much less expensive in New Smyrna Beach. The cost of other items, such as car insurance, is too!

The best thing to do to get the most real estate for your dollar in New Smyrna Beach is to contact a real estate agent who really knows this area. Realtor Arnie Traub is also a sea captain, so in addition to his familiarity with New Smyrna Beach, he knows the homes along the waterways like the back of his hand. You can reach Arnie at 386-295-9999.