HOA Fees and What They Cover

HOA stands for Homeowner’s Association. The purpose of an HOA is to manage and maintain a planned community. For instance, HOA’s maintain common areas, such as swimming pools, clubhouse, fitness area, security gates, sidewalks, parking garages and building exteriors. They also take care of landscaping and pest control.

Sometimes HOA fees can cover certain city services, such as trash removal, sewer and water. Sometimes, however, here may be instances when there are not enough HOA reserve funds to cover a larger expense that may come up – like a new roof. Often, these types of communities have insurance policies to cover any damages to the property and building exteriors.

There are fees for HOAs. Those fees can typically run from around $200 to $400. When you purchase a property in a planned development, keep in mind that the more upscale amenities, the higher the HOA fee.

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