Are You Looking for a House?

Buying a house is exciting. It is also very stressful and tedious with inspections, paperwork, approvals, and all the things!

Here are some things to look out for when buying a house, and maybe make the process either.

1. Check the Roof

The first thing to look at is the roof. Sometimes you can tell by looking at it, but it is important to find out when it was put on. A good solid roof will be the difference between getting and not getting homeowners insurance. It will surely affect your insurance rate.

2. Look at the Structure, not the Paint

When you start looking at homes, check the appliances, ceilings, floors, electrical and plumbing. Yes, flush every toilet. You can change the decor, you don’t want to replace electrical.

3. Check the HVAC Unit

This is Florida, visit the house in the late afternoon and check the temperature. If the AC is set at a reasonable temperature and the HVAC is not keeping up and the house is hot it may not have an adequate system. Check the age of the AC and see how long it is under warranty. A new HVAC system is expensive.

4. What Is Necessary For Your Lifestyle.

Do you have children? How far away is the school? Is there bus service? Will you be driving a long distance to get to stores and events? Do you entertain? Have a lot of guests? Make sure the home you are choosing meets all the requirements of your current situation!

5. Do a Thorough Check of the Yard

Check the conditions of the driveway and other concrete or paved surfaces. Check for loose pavers, holes in the fence or grass. The landscaping may be beautiful, but check and see what it may be hiding.

6. Check Everything

Turn on every faucet and light switch, open every window and door, flush the toilets, even drink the water. If you love the house and it has minor things to fix, that may be ok. But there may be dealbreakers in there that you cannot overcome. Better to find out now.

7. Have a Home Inspection Done

Almost every house has something wrong with it. Some of those will be obvious. minor and fixable. It’s best to know if there are BIG things before you buy. They may be able to help you negotiate a lower price, but will definitely help you in budgeting for repairs.

8. Do This First

Search the internet for information on the community and neighborhood you are interested in moving to. Visit it at different times of the day to see what is going on in the area. Find out why the seller is moving and check the history of the property, sales, taxes, etc. Investigate the local schools if applicable. Check the crime statistics. In a word, homework. Do your homework.

If you need help with your home search or have questions about buying a home in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater or Oak Hill give Captain Arnie a call. He can help!